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Why did Wayne Newton get Plastic Surgery?

Being in the film industries has a lot of charm to it but at the same time, it puts the pressure of looking your best on everyone involved in it. At the age of 76, Wayne Newton is just another star who broke under this pressure and resorted to plastic surgery.

About Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton plastic surgery is another reason which has kept him in the papers. Known for his hit song ‘Danke Schoen’ Newton has appeared in more than 30 movies. He is a renowned actor and singer. He is famous for his Las Vegas shows. Inclined to music from a very early age, Newton has been known to play instruments like piano and guitar since an early age of six only. He went ahead to sing and perform in various local clubs, theatres and fairs. Wayne along with his brother Jerry appeared on ABC’s Ozark Jubilee as a group named Rascals in Rhythm. Wayne Newton is famous for his talent in the jazz genre.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before after

Tryst with plastic surgery

Wayne Newton, unfortunately, could not age gracefully. He was unsatisfied with how he looked and got a number of surgeries done. He got a Botox as well as a facelift. His surgeries seem to have not turned to his favour, as his face looks botched. Known as Mr Las Vegas, The Midnight idol and Mr Entertainment, Wayne could not keep up with the pressure and stuffed his face with a number of unnecessary procedures. Instead of letting nature take its natural course, Wayne Newton plastic surgeries and injections have left his face stiff and unnatural. In addition to the facelift and the Botox injection, Wayne has also seemed to undergo the eyelid surgery. This surgery aims at clearing wrinkle lines near the eyes, giving a more youthful look to your eyes. Wayne’s unusual appearance which seems like he has not aged which is strange as the surgeries have left his skin tight in a bizarre way and he does not look appealing as he hoped to. Wayne Newton plastic surgery did not go the road he wanted it to head.

Latest Appearance

Wayne Newton appeared on the latest season of the Bachelorette with his wife Kathleen in order to help the contestants find love. He helped them write love ballads to woo their partners. Wayne has kept mum regarding the speculations around his peculiar visage but his latest appearance has seems to stir that topic again. The ‘twitterati’ was specifically harsh and voiced out their thoughts and opinion about Wayne Newton’s plastic surgery. Wayne became a subject of scrutiny and a lot of flak was thrown at him. He was ridiculed mercilessly on Twitter with people comparing his current face to his wax statue. His face clearly shows that he has visited a doctor to have some alterations done, and people have not been smooth about it. Wayne’s bid to stay youthful seems to have become a thorn for him now.

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Photos

Wayne Newton plastic surgery Wayne Newton before after Wayne Newton plastic surgery before after

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