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Twitter Pounces on the Changing Face of Nicole Kidman during 1018’s Golden Globes

As the actress and nominee went onto the stage at “Golden Globes” in the month of March of 2018 for presenting together with Reese Witherspoon, fans were not able to hold back from commenting on her face. A number of Twitter users also speculated that the star has had several plastic surgery procedures. Below, we discuss nicole kidman plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

A viewer had written that it looked as if Nicole Kidman has substituted her skin with plastic. One more went on to state whether Nicole Kidman is done with plastic surgeries or is this going to continue. One more commenter went on to commend the star’s wax figure when she went onstage.

What does the actress have to say?

The blonde actress, who strode the red carpet beside hubby Keith Urban, had formerly denied having had surgical procedures. She has always maintained that she’s totally natural. She claimed that she hasn’t had any surgery expect trying Botox and getting out of it and being able to move her face yet again.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery before after

What are the opinions of plastic surgery specialists?

Plastic surgery specialists had spoken to Life & Style regarding Nicole’s transformation and they had outlined the procedures that they thought that the actress had done on the basis of comparisons of her face. According to Dr. Lyle Back, the possible fillers around the actress’s mouth look extremely good.  He was of the opinion that the nicole kidman plastic surgery that had been the cause of her taut jawline and even neck was a mini-face-lift. Dr. Mirwat Sami is another specialist and he is of the opinion that the nicole kidman plastic surgery that is likely to have made the star’s Nicole’s crow’s-feet smooth is a Botox. A close look at her career indicates many changes. One of them is her lips. Though many experts point to the use of filler they also say that the transformation wasn’t very dramatic and may not have been filler.

What happened to your face Nicole Kidman!?

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nicole Kidman surgery

Nicole Kidman breast implants

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

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