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Natalie Portman plastic surgery: Nose job and other details

Natalie Portman is a celebrity very well known and appreciated throughout the expanse of the country.

Most of the Hollywood seems to be obsessed with the idea of beauty and regularly gets into the talk of celebrities taking out time for plastic surgeries to look better. Natalie Portman plastic surgery is also a result of these obsessions. She has been in the industry since she was eight years old and people have grown used to her looking the way she does. However, dissatisfied with her look she underwent a lot of plastic surgeries over a period.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery

The surgery timeline of Natalie

Natalie Portman plastic surgery looked like a rumor until the pictures showing her sculpted nose came into play. or the is one of the most conventional plastic surgeries that celebrities undergo at least once in their lifetime. It is primarily to shape up the nose so that the close-up shots look better and increase their life on the screen. She was no different and got her done too.

Natalie Portman nose job

She also seems to have undergone some and injections. The cheek implants appear to have lifted her cheekbone considerably and led her face to look more chiseled. It has helped her in bagging more offers than before. She also seems to get injections from time to time evidently as there are no laugh lines on her face despite the growing age. The wrinkle-free face that looks more and more artificial with passing days is proof enough that she has undoubtedly, but it seems to have worked in her favor as she still looks ravishing after all these years.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery before and after

Natalie Portman botox injections Natalie Portman cheek implants

Natalie Portman before after


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