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Did Mindy Kaling Really get a Plastic Surgery?

With every eye looking at every move of yours, a Hollywood TV star gets the pressure to look their best all the time. Mindy Kaling, a famous and successful actor, writer, director, producer and comedian has been put under the test time and again for getting plastic surgeries.

Knowing Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling’s plastic surgery rumours have not left her behind for a long time now. Some of you might know Mindy from her role in The Office or from her show The Mindy Project. She is an outstanding actor and has been nominated various times for her roles. She wrote and produced The Mindy Project and even in The Office, she has been accredited with writing and directing some episodes. She stayed in news for her on and off relationship with her co-star from The Office B. J. Novak. Another major reason for staying in news was the speculations revolving around the fact if she had gone under the knife or not. Known as a quick wit with a great sense of humour, Mindy Kaling is one of the most appreciated and loved the person on the TV right now. Her direction in a number of episodes in her shows is an example which shows how talented she is. Another reason for her to be in news was for Mindy Kaling and plastic surgery.

Mindy Kaling abdominoplasty


Throughout any actor’s career, each of their move and appearance is scrutinized mercilessly by the paparazzi and the fashion police. The same has happened with Mindy Kaling. Throughout her career, there has been a lot of guesswork regarding the topic that Mindy Kaling’s plastic surgery. There have been assumptions regarding Mindy Kaling plastic surgery like an abdominoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast reduction and a nose job. An abdominoplasty also knew as the tummy tuck is done to make the person thinner, but Mindy has always had a curvy and full figure in which she seems totally comfortable. The eyelid surgery to remove eye bags is another surgery which people speculate that Mindy has gone through but has really no base to it. Same is the scenario with the breast reduction surgery, Mindy never seemed to be in need of a breast reduction surgery, and some feel that this is just a rumour. In some pictures, Mindy’s nose bridge appears to be thinner, but that could be the result of the angle of the picture and makeup. One cannot surely say that Mindy has had any of the above surgeries done on her.

Mindy Kaling breast implants

The Truth

Some believe that Mindy has not taken to surgeries to keep her body appealing, while others say that Mindy has been clever enough to opt for subtle surgery options to maintain the natural look. Many people feel that her face appears as if it has not aged at all in the past so many years and that is not possible. But with no hard evidence, it is up to what you believe.

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before And After Pics

Mindy Kaling before and after Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Mindy Kaling eyelid surgery

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