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Has Melissa Gilbert gone under the knife?

Melissa Gilbert has been in the showbiz business for a long time now. With time, you get the pressure to outdo yourself every day in all spheres of life. At the age of 50, Melissa looks flawless and that has all the critics wondering if she went under the knife. Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery rumors might just be true.


Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery rumors are fired up as at the age of 50, Melissa seems to have perfect skin and her face has literally no signs of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Some critics have pointed out that maybe Melissa has gone under the knife a number of times. Rumors are rife that she may have got botox injections which is the reason for her clear forehead, and even that she may have gotten Rhinoplasty otherwise known as a nose job, done. Many people considered that, she might have gotten a breast augmentation surgery. These are some of the speculated Melissa Gilbert plastic surgeries.

Melissa Gilbert breast implants

The Changes

When we talk about Melissa Gilbert and changes, we talk about the lack of changes when it comes to her face. In her recent pictures, Melissa looks like a woman who has aged gracefully but does not look like a woman over 40. She has a smooth face with no wrinkles and this can be attributed to surgeries or a lot of Botox injections, as such flawless skin is not possible naturally. Also, nose job surgeries are also speculated as now Melissa has a narrowly refined nose bridge with a beautifully sharper tip. If you compare to previous pictures, you will notice that she had a fatter nose and not such a defined nose tip. Though Melissa has never been photographed topless, it is speculated that she has even gotten a boob job as her breasts look bigger than before. Though this change could be attributed to giving birth or putting on breast enhancing clothes, a breast enhancing surgery is not off the table.

Melissa Gilbert nose job

Melissa’s reactions

Melissa has remained silent on this subject. She has not reacted to these speculations and never commented about the rumors revolving around Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery. This silence has left all the fans and tabloids in frenzy and it’s like these rumors won’t die as easily. Is it just good genes or skillful plastic surgery, it can never be known for sure until and unless Melissa herself comments? Even if the rumors are true then it can be said that Melissa Gilbert has used plastic surgery very skillfully in order to keep her beauty intact. She can be considered as a successful plastic surgery case. These procedures have seemed to help Melissa in maintaining her aura and her charm.

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before After

Melissa Gilbert before after Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery before after Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery 1

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