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Megan Fox Breasts Implants Before and After

Megan Fox Breast Implants 

It seems like everyone has an opinion about Megan Fox breast implants or possible lack thereof. There is no doubt that her breasts have gone up a cup size or two since she first graced. Our TV sets in her 2004 appearance of Two and a Half Men.

Megan Fox Breast Implants

Many attribute Fox’s bust increase to her ongoing body weight fluctuation. However, putting on a few extra pounds does not lead to the amazing perkiness and perfectly rounded shape of her breasts. Plus, it is well known that Ms. Fox has no aversion to enhancing her look with the help of a doctor or two. She has previously gone under the knife for a rhinoplasty procedure to straighten the bridge of her nose, and has increased the poutiness of her lips with collagen procedures.

Megan Fox Breast Implants Before and After

We everyone can agree on is that the 31-year old hottie has incredible looking cleavage. For those out there who are worried about an unnatural looking following a breast augmentation procedure, Megan Fox is a prime example of what is possible when you’re in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.

Megan Fox Breasts Surgeon

The size is perfect for her. The implants are in perfect proportion to the rest of her body.

They are not sitting too high on her chest (a very common problem with unqualified surgeons).

They have a beautiful slope on the upper edge that mimics a natural breast very well (a difficult thing to achieve in a woman who is as lean as Megan)

Megan Fox Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Megan Fox After Breast Implants

Megan Fox Breast Implants


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