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Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery – She Really is a Baby Face

Lee Min Jung is now a renowned figure worldwide and known for her looks and acting skills, but before all that, Lee Min Jung has supposedly gone under the knife many times.

About Lee Min Jung

A South Korean actress, Lee Min Jung’s plastic surgery journey has been under speculation for a long time. She rose to fame after starring in popular TV drama Smile, You. She started her acting career later in life at the age of 25 after graduating from Sungkyunkwan University with a degree in theatre and started starring in stage plays. Lee gained recognition for her leading role in the romantic comedy Cyrano Agency and has also starred on Wonderful Radio, Big. Cunning Single Lady and Come Back Mister. But another reason for her to remain in the news is the Lee Min Jun plastic surgery.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery and Jung

When comparing Jung’s latest pictures to her previous pictures, it seems that Jung has got her face altered. The list of Lee Min Jung plastic surgery is supposedly rather long. With the pressure to look flawless, Jung could not help himself from getting the eye surgery. Also known as lateral canthoplasty, this surgery helps in opening up the eyes at the outer ends. This surgery made Jung’s eyes symmetrical and wider. Another eye surgery which Jung has undergone is magic epicanthoplasty, the surgery lifts the upper eyelid and gives a more appealing look to the eye. Jung has supposedly even gotten a nose job; she earlier had a rather fat nose. But in recent appearances, her nose appears sleek and a little thick at the end. Jung has denied all the rumors of plastic surgeries and attributes the changes in her face to weight loss. But no amount of weight loss can bring such changes to one’s face. Another surgery is a rather dangerous Jaw contouring surgery in the list of Lee Min Jung plastic surgery which many doctors advise against. In this surgery, the jaw is altered to get a slimmer face. Jung’s earlier round and chubby face now has a V like jaw line which cannot be attributed to weight loss.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery botox

South Korea’s notion of Plastic surgery

South Korea focuses on the perfect picture of every other girl looking like a doll with the help of various surgeries. Similarly, Jung has admitted to having got Botox done and doesn’t consider it as surgery. Getting Botox done is fairly normal in the Korean society and girls get it done from a very early age in order to avoid wrinkle lines from forming. Amidst all of the speculations, denials and rumors, Jung has floored everyone with her acting skills. But still, in her early thirties, Jung has managed to still look like a teenager which has been the seed of all the speculations.

Lee Min Jung Before After Photos

Lee Min Jung before after Lee Min Jung before after

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