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Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery

Jeffree Star, a sensational personality has been brutally honest about his journey of enhancing his appearance using makeup and surgeries.

Jeffree Star’s plastic surgery has kept him busy in the social media scene for a long time now. Jeffree Star, a musician and an internet celebrity shot to fame using My Space. He was the most followed personality on My Space in 2006 due to his overpowering persona. Inclined to make up from a young age, Jeffree took up modelling assignments early in life to sustain himself. Later he released his solo studio album Beauty Killer and had collaborated with Nicki Minaj already. He signed another album with Akon’s record label, but that album never happened.

jeffree star plastic surgery

Later he started his own Youtube channel of makeup tutorials which has garnered a lot of attention and he has 9 million subscribers. Bustle magazine is all praise for Star and has described him as “a musician and onetime Myspace celeb that reinvented himself in the YouTube makeup tutorial space”.

Plastic Surgeries

Jefree has been blatant about his plastic surgeries. Jeffree Star plastic surgery of him getting a lip filler done has been posted online by himself to raise awareness. He has continuously posted pictures and videos of himself getting plastic surgeries. He calls himself not perfect and admits to having gone under the knife to rectify some flaws in his appearance. Jeffree Star plastic surgery list includes lip fillers, chin augmentation, and hair transplant. Earlier unsatisfied with thin lips, Star opted for lip fillers to get fuller and shapely lips. He is a makeup expert and has mastered the art of Liquid Lipstick. He is the founder of the e-commerce makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics which he built after ending his music career. He has the perfect lips as he uses the perfect amount of lip fillers to get luscious lips. He posted a picture of himself getting his hair transplant done. He has beautiful and long hair and has never shied away from experimenting with hair colors. At the age of 32, Jeffree Star’s plastic surgeries are all in his favour. He has intelligently used plastic surgeries to enhance his look. Though there have been many speculations about whether he got a chin augmentation surgery or not as he has never spoken about it.

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery before after

Internet Sensation

From My Space to Youtube, Star has mastered it all. But his unfailing honest, an enormous amount of self-belief, Star has created a space for everyone full or glitter and devoid of hate. He is willing to talk about plastic surgeries and does a round of question and answers on Youtube every round and then. He has been the starter of many makeup trends like the glitter tear and bright blue eyeshadow. He is a leading figure for men in makeup and is unapologetically himself.

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

jeffree star before after plastic surgery Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery jeffree star Luscious Lips jeffree star lip injections

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