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Heidi Montag did not shy from calling her plastic surgery a mistake

Heidi Montag, famous for her appearance in the Hills, an MTV reality production, was highly criticized for having gotten 10 surgeries in one day itself.

Who is Heidi Montag?

An American celebrity, a designer and an unappreciated singer, she has managed to stay in the news for a lot of reasons. The top reason is the Heidi Montag plastic surgery. Unaware of the repercussions, Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery’s list is way too long for any person to go through. She claims that her portrayal in her shows gave her the mindset that she was not perfect and needed to change that. Her trigger was when her breasts were enhanced digitally in a photo shoot with everyone pointing out how small her breasts were. After two surgeries her breasts were a G cup which made it difficult for her to exercise and she described the feeling of being crushed by its weight.

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Heidi Montag has been known to have undergone various surgeries which have imparted an artificial look to her appearance. It was critiqued that none of the surgeries turned out to be in her favor which have been the root cause of the psychological and physical trauma she has gone through. Heidi has herself admitted to a number of surgeries which include Botox treatment, Rhinoplasty, mini brow lift and fat injections in her cheeks. If this was not enough, Heidi has also been known for a chin reduction, neck and waist liposuction and a very painful procedure to get her ears pinned back, second breast augmentation, buttock augmentation among many other surgeries. She was criticized for her 10 surgeries in one day and she recalls waking up from her 10-hour long surgery in excruciating pain. Heidi Montag plastic surgery is the best example to show the vices of plastic surgery. She wishes that women and men do not do not opt for this method and learn to love who they are. She explained in an interview that she was not told of any of the consequences by the doctors.

Heidi Montag Rhinoplasty nose

Emotional and Physical scars

One of the most disturbing statements that she gave was to Life and Style Weekly when she said that all these procedures have left numerous marks on her body. Some of which are the jagged line on her forehead from the brow lift, uneven breasts and a long mark on her chest. These are only a few of the marks that Heidi has talked about. She recalls the aftermath of the surgery and explains how her relationship with her husband Spencer Pratt got strained because of it. They even filed for divorce but have now worked through their differences and took back the suit. Heidi calls her surgeries a mistake hopes that her experience works as a warning for others.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Before After

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