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Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery: truth or lies?

Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray Joel seems to have undergone a considerable amount of change concerning looks. Could this merely be a result of growing up or is their truth behind the rumors of Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery?

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic surgery

On the personal front, she has only admitted to a mere Rhinoplasty to get her nose to look better. Apart from that, she dismissed any other rumors. She seems to give credit to her brilliant makeup tactics and the artist who does makeup for her at some point. Even though she is continually urging the media to look towards her work rather than her seems people seem to be interested in knowing the reason for sudden bodily changes and to what can they be attributed?

Delving deeper into the truth

Most of the celebrities who undergo some or the other form of surgery seem to deny the idea of operation in the first place. The most evident way of deciphering the truth behind the sudden change in the look is to make sure that you compare the before and after images of the people in question. When we did the same for her, we found some truth in the rumor of Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery.

Alexa Ray Joel breast implant

She has undoubtedly undergone breasts implants to make them look perky and bouncier than before. The size of the boobs seems to have changed a lot. The chiseled jawline is another giveaway and cannot be achieved by any form of makeup. Apart from this, it looks like she has also undergone some brow enhancement and botox as her forehead look undeniably stretched. We have to applaud for her self-confidence in denying the rumors when everything seems to be every evidently out in the open.

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Alexa Ray Joel nose job Alexa Ray Joel Plastic surgery before after Alexa Ray Joel Plastic surgery

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